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Blaming without actions for the poor

 Struggles about the European Program of Food Aid for the Most Deprived Persons (the so-called EU Food Aid Scheme) are still ‘present-continous’. Both member states including the Minority-block and EU institutions are eager to shifting the responsibility to each other, at the expense of 18 million recipients. This issue illustrates another example of EU’s buck-passing. – By Taeyoung Kim

Six member states consisting the minority-block; Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom are still stick to their position. They insist this scheme should be dealt in member states’ level as a welfare program. While other member states and EU are forcing this minority-block to consider the devastating situation. “We are trying to force the Commission and the Council to ‘act’. We hope that even one country will change its mind.” Paolo De Castro, the Chair of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Parliament, pointed out.

The estimated deadline for resolving this issue will be around Christmas. However, the prospect is still in doubt. “Situation is very pessimistic, even though both the Commission and the Parliament urge the Council to take action.”, an EU official pointed out. If the plan is not accepted by Christmas, then the budget for this scheme will meet drastic cut and the future of 18 million EU people’s lives will be questioning. Continue reading Blaming without actions for the poor