Danish MEP speaks out on the significance of the Energy Efficiency Directive

By Tabitha Fletcher


Source: Wikimedia Commons. Moving toward energy efficiency. Old-fashioned 60w light bulbs were banned by the EU last year in favour of these energy efficient light bulbs.

The Energy Efficiency Directive, if successful, is set to save Europe from frightening power bills as energy prices soar. Zoom out, however, and the wider implications of this kind of legislation are far more serious.

Danish MEP Dan Jørgensen explains why the legislation is particularly important.

If the energy efficiency target of 20% is met,” he said, “this should automatically lead to a 25% reduction in greenhouse gases, which is the crucial amount believed to keep us under 2°C warming.”

The figure of 25% is accepted widely in the scientific community to mean a chance at keeping a global temperature rise at a ‘safe’ level, with emissions peaking and then gradually declining, meaning the trend is eventually reversed.

He relented though, that even if this figure is achieved, there is only a 50% chance that this will keep temperatures down.

We are walking a very delicate line, nothing is certain. But Europe could lead the way.”









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